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The role of steel wire rope core

It is particularly important to choose the appropriate wire rope specification model for the wire rope of a specific working environment, in order to make the rope work. Need to match a suitable steel wire rope core, the steel wire rope core is divided into steel wire rope hemp core and steel wire rope core

Wire rope hemp cores are divided into two types: natural fiber core (NF) and synthetic fiber core (SF).

The steel wire rope hemp core has the following characteristics: the fiber core steel wire rope is soft, has good bending performance, good toughness, no water absorption, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, extrusion resistance and abrasion resistance. When the steel wire rope is manufactured and used, it supports the pressure of the outer strands and keeps the shape of the wire rope intact. When the steel wire rope hemp core is subjected to collision and impact load during work, it is not easy to deform during use, the diameter is stable, and the fiber core can act as a buffer. The natural fiber core has a lot of oil storage, and the steel wire rope has enough lubrication inside when it is working, and can slow down the corrosion of the steel wire.

Steel wire rope steel core is divided into: metal core is divided into stranded core WSC and rope core WRC

Independent metal rope core (IWRC 7*7) parallel twisted metal rope core (CFRC) and independent metal strand core (IWSC) single-strand steel core (IWS) 1*7,1*19,1*372 kinds

The steel core of the steel wire rope has the following characteristics: the metal core steel wire rope has high breaking force, anti-extrusion and high temperature resistance. Steel core wire rope is generally used in the environment of high-temperature blast furnaces. The diameter cannot be enlarged, and higher breaking force is required, or the squeezing force is relatively large.

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